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Getty Images Announces Continuation of Grants Program in 2010

All five Editorial Grants will now be announced in September and Grants for Good applicants will now involve communications agency partners

London & Seattle -- Getty Images, Inc. today announced that its two major grant programs, Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography and Getty Images Grants for Good, will continue in 2010.  The popular programs, which have provided grants of more than $500,000 over the past five years, are to continue next year with the following changes:
Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography was established in 2004 to enable emerging and established photojournalists to pursue projects of personal and editorial merit. Getty Images will again award five professional photojournalism grants of $20,000 each and four student grants of $5,000 each, annually. However, instead of awarding these Grants in two separate rounds during the year, all will be announced in September at Visa Pour l'Image, the international photojournalism festival held in Perpignan, France. The application deadline for the editorial grants is May 1, 2010.
"As we are all aware, these are trying times for our industry as many of the traditional resources that would have given financial support to photojournalists have all but dried up, as our colleagues in newspapers and magazines have seen their budgets greatly reduced," said Aidan Sullivan, vice president, photo assignments for Getty Images. "That makes awards like this even more crucial, as without the grants, the photojournalists' important work may never have been seen. We at Getty Images are delighted that we are able to continue this support, which enables talented and dedicated photographers to complete their chosen projects."
Getty Images Grants for Good was launched in 2009 to involve the creative and nonprofit communities. In the program's first year, the participation of a creative agency was optional, but is now a requirement in the application process in 2010.  This change ensures that all grant proposals will benefit from an agency's strategic guidance as to how the imagery will be used by the nonprofit. Accordingly, the two grants of $15,000 each that are offered annually to cover photographers' and agencies' associated fees and costs will be equally shared as they collaborate to benefit the nonprofit that they choose to support.  These grant recipients will be announced in June and celebrated at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival in Cannes, France.  The application deadline for Grants for Good is March 1, 2010.
"Our clients who are marketing and communications agencies do important work with nonprofit clients, often at reduced or donated fees," said Andrew Saunders, vice president, creative imagery for Getty Images. "The new structure of our Grants for Good recognizes the important role they play and encourages photographers and agencies to collaborate in developing imagery that delivers nonprofits' messages effectively."
For more information about both grant programs, including application details, please visit: http://www.gettyimages.com/grants.
About Getty Images
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